Four Winds Casino Hotel Rates

four winds casino hotel rates

Four Winds Casino Hotel Rates

“Less than an hours drive from Downtown Chicago, at the shores of Lake Michigan, the Four Winds Casino Hotel offers an unsurpassed experience of fun, adventure and unlimited winning opportunities.” Four winds casino hotel rates in Chicago, Illinois are as competitive as the casinos themselves! Whether you enjoy gambling, playing blackjack, slots or bingo, you will enjoy the entertainment options available to you when you stay at one of their hotels.

Four winds casino hotel rates in Chicago can be found in all types of packages and suites. They are great value for money. Whether you are staying for just a few days or a few weeks, you will find everything you need when booking your stay at one of their hotels. You will find full service, friendly service, 24 hour room service, fully equipped restaurants and bars, and more.

If you are planning to spend a couple of days at the Four Winds Casino Hotel you may want to consider staying in a suite. Suites are available in a variety of price ranges. Some suites include air conditioning, while others do not.

There are also suites at the Four Winds Casino Hotel that are located directly adjacent to the main building. These suites provide a luxurious way to stay when staying at the casino. The suite staff will be able to show you all the different rooms available and make reservations for your stay. You will also have access to the casino in the comfort of your suites and will enjoy the many activities that are offered at the casino such as bowling, pool and more.

The casino itself is a great place to spend a night or two, as there are many things to do and see, including the casino, restaurants, bars, the main hotel, and more. During the day, you can take part in the exciting live music performances that take place throughout the casino and get an up close view of the live entertainment that is performed nightly. The casino even has its own outdoor concert stage.

The Four Winds Casino Hotel is one of the best hotels in the Midwest and is easily accessible by most highways. The location is also very convenient and is within easy reach of all major cities. If you are looking for a luxurious, relaxing stay with all the amenities you will ever need, then consider a stay at one of their hotels in Chicago.